VA MRI Addition & Abatement | Poettker Construction

VA MRI Addition & Abatement

 Location:  Marion, IL      Owner: Department of Veterans Affairs    |    Architect:  Fox Architects & MAK Architects, Inc.

The Department of Veterans Affairs selected Poettker Construction to simultaneously manage the construction of the Building 42 MRI Addition and the Mold Abatement and Water Intrusion projects at the Marion, IL campus.

The MRI addition houses new MRI and CT Scanner equipment and provides new access to the Mobile MRI Unit. To hold the weight of the 13,000 lb. shield magnet for the MRI machine, a 12-inch thick floor was poured with additional rebar reinforcements where the machine is set. Additional rooms include a nurse station, restrooms, storage, electrical and equipment rooms.

The abatement project entailed the remediation of rooms with elevated mold, asbestos and lead counts; stopping water intrusion into the buildings, and repainting and repairing damage EIFS.


New Medical Building Addition

Improved Efficiencies for Patient and Staff Workflows

Improved Health Safety for Existing Facility


medical center addition