Poettker Construction prides itself on delivering exceptional service in the safest manner possible. We are committed to achieving and sustaining ZERO ACCIDENT PERFORMANCE on our projects and are dedicated to SAFETY EXCELLENCE throughout the company.  Poettker maintains strong safety oversight on our projects ensuring compliance with our jobsite safety plan and OSHA regulations. We believe that through careful planning all accidents are preventable.

Our Corporate Compliance Team:
– Completes safety inspections on each of our projects
– Schedules safety audit inspections with our insurance carrier on a random basis
– Coordinates quarterly corporate safety meetings
– Distributes and maintains safety correspondence and resources

Our On-Site Team:
– Makes continual safety and equipment inspections to ensure everyone is working in a safe manner
– Performs “tool box” safety meetings on a weekly basis


Poettker’s corporate and on-site quality control teams maintain strong presence on our projects, ensuring construction compliance with the project documents.

Our Corporate Compliance Team:
– Completes quality inspections of our projects
– Performs design quality control review of the project documents early stages in the design/build process
– Reviews project documents and directs quality coordination meetings for major scopes of work
– Coordinates with 3rd party inspection consultants
– Organizes quarterly corporate quality meetings

Our On-Site Team:
– Makes daily, continual quality inspections to ensure the project is being
constructed in accordance with the drawings and specifications

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SIUE School of Dental Medicine | Poettker Construction


As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Poettker Construction understands the importance of incorporating sustainability practices into all our projects. We implement the following best business practices companywide:

  • Waste Management/Recycling Plan- Our company goal is to reduce landfill waste by at least 50% through recycling efforts.
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan- We implement best management practices on all job sites for implementation, reporting, and auditing.
  • Building Material Recommendations- We strive to reduce carbon footprint through building design recommendations and to encourage the use of recycled content for building materials when possible.
  • Energy Optimization & Savings- Our team collaborates with the client to determine the best energy cost savings options based on the initial cost of the system and long-term maintenance and usage.


The key to the successful implementation and use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the integration of the tools (software and hardware) into the project execution process. This integration includes the sharing of information and passing of models from design, to construction, and then to operations.

Poettker Construction partners with the design team and MEPFP contractors to  implement and maintain 3D BIM and clash detection capabilities. Our team  works with the owner to establish the appropriate level of BIM technology needed to achieve the overall project goals based on the project’s design and level of difficulty.  Overall goals of BIM include:

Eliminate Physical Clashes – BIM technology helps identify and eliminate physical clashes to correct elevation conflict interference issues prior to construction, significantly improving the flow of work on a project.

Streamlined Decision-Making – BIM enables streamlined decision-making through the presentation of models to the owner that clearly show project issues and solutions.

Improved Project Documentation – BIM provides the owner and operation/maintenance personnel with improved project documentation that allows them to better understand what has been installed and where it is  installed.


Our quality relationships build your quality projects.