Litchfield Elementary School

 Location:  Litchfield, IL      Owner: Litchfield CUSD #12    |    Architect: FGM Architects, Inc.

Litchfield Community Unit School District #12 selected Poettker Construction as the Construction Manager  to guide programming options for four existing schools in need of significant life, health, and safety upgrades, and several site selection options for the construction of a new facility. All buildings were evaluated, and conceptual estimating of renovation and additions were conducted to ensure the district had not only student flow, transportation impact, project cost, schedule, and student impact, but also life cycle cost analysis of operating renovated existing buildings versus operating new buildings. This collaborative and extensive work has best positioned the district to make informed decisions for the long term of the district. This work has resulted in a program to get PK-5 in one new facility, 1 addition and renovation and take three existing aging buildings offline while staying under the district’s budget.

The new Litchfield Elementary School is a multi-story, 42,000-square-foot elementary school that will house grades 2-5. The school will include:

  • classrooms;
  • administrative offices;
  • gymnasium that will also serve as a storm shelter;
  • multi-purpose commons areas;
  • support facilities

In addition to increasing facility efficiency and improving student safety, the consolidated, centralized facilities will streamline bus transportation and meal delivery from the district’s central kitchen.

Poettker simultaneously worked on the following Litchfield CUSD #12 projects:


21st Century Learning

New Construction

Increase Facility Efficiency

Improve Student Safety

Consolidate and Centralize Facilities


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