Camp Lejeune Airfield Concrete Mats, Paving, & Infrastructure Repairs

 Location:  Camp Lejeune, NC      Owner: NAVFAC    |    Client:  Environmental Chemical Corporation

This project consisted of the significant repair of military aircraft “parking areas” and taxiways along an active Camp Lejeune runway. The timing of this project was key, specifically when pouring concrete. With over 14,000-CY of concrete anticipated for this project, stringent base security, and work restrictions, Poettker and its key civil trade contractor positioned a dedicated concrete batch plant within 1 mile of the airfield site. This provided maximum schedule flexibility to coordinate with multiple squadron fleets while maintaining the highest quality of construction.

To prevent disturbances to the surrounding operations at Camp Lejeune, Poettker implemented a phased paving plan. This allowed secure construction zones to be set up for each of the nine main sections of damaged airfield paving in a way that worked best for the client’s continued use of the area. Communication was essential as Poettker had to coordinate with several different squadrons and aircraft fleets that utilize the hangars, MATS, and runways at this location.

Poettker simultaneously worked on the following Camp Lejeune projects to repair the damage incurred as a result of Hurricane Florence:


Phased Construction

Confined/Congested Secure Site

Constructed Along Active Flightline

On-Site Concrete Batch Plant

square feet of airfield paving
acre active federal airfield site
cubic yards of concrete placement


Camp Lejeune Aerial PhotoExterior of P-1 Hangar