Exterior of Weldon Spring Site Interpretive Center

Weldon Spring Site Interpretive Center

 Location:  Weldon Spring, MO      Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers & U.S. Department of Energy     Architect: Kuhlmann Design Group, Inc.

The new Weldon Spring Interpretive Center was constructed as a multi-use facility for the USACE St. Louis District and U.S. Department of Energy to combine three existing buildings under one new roof.

The facility includes:

  • classrooms
  • exhibit/gallery
  • auditorium
  • administrative space/offices
  • document storage/preservation room
  • laboratory
  • two-bay maintenance car garage and shop

This project was constructed in coordination with other ongoing Federal projects onsite and without disruptions to the site operations. Particular efforts were coordinated with the Government for the installation of the museum exhibits during the building construction.

The new Interpretive Center is located adjacent to the Weldon Spring Disposal Cell which safely contains hazardous and radioactive waste from the old TNT, DNT, and uranium ore processing facilities located at the site. Due to this, specific USACE and DOE guidelines were followed to prevent any disruptions to the site’s operations and potentially contaminated soil.


Confined/Congested Project Site

Multi-Use Facility


medical center addition