Frequently Asked Questions

How do I partner with Poettker on future projects?
  1. Complete our Prequalification Form honestly and accurately.
  2. Provide complete and responsive budgets and bids when requested.
  3. Collaborate with the Poettker Team during bid reviews to set clear expectations.
  4. Perform awarded projects safely, with quality craftsmanship, on time and in budget.
  5. Honor your warranty obligations for completed projects.
  6. Repeat!
Why do I need to fill out a prequal form?

This form provides the necessary information to help us match your organization to the appropriate service and/or project requirements, improving your bidding experience.

What is the prequalification process?

The prequalification form is reviewed during bidding, award, and construction phases to ensure we are doing everything possible to position you for a successful project.  Only applicable leaders will have access to your basic and confidential information. Your information will only be viewed by the Poettker Team, and never shared with third parties.

Do I have to be pre-approved to bid on projects?

Yes, this helps Poettker’s Preconstruction and Estimating Teams better understand your capacity and expertise when building the best vendor team for a project.

Do you require subcontractors to provide a bond?

It depends on the scope of work, the size of the contract, and the risk associated with the project schedule. We ask that all subcontractors provide their bonding limits and rates on their prequalification form.

How do I know what you are bidding?

Regularly check our Upcoming Bid list.  Each project listed will include a link to the project documents and contact information for the appropriate Preconstruction team member. In addition, once you are pre-approved, the Poettker Team will include you on bid solicitations as they become available.


If a project is bidding and is not listed on the upcoming bid list and a solicitation has not been received from the Poettker Team, please contact:

Ryan Diekemper
Vice President of Preconstruction


Our quality relationships build your quality projects.